Getting the whole family together is always a challenge and we don't see them often enough. That's why meeting most of Michael's family in Croatia was a fantastic idea. Quite some time ago we booked a few slots on a huge camp site in Zaton, a bit north of Zadar. Kathrin, Michael's sister, booked one of those apartments you can get these days on big camp sites, too. All of them have arrived already a week ago and we join them a bit later for a long weekend.


Before we arrive at the camp site we need to stock up a few things and are looking for a larger supermarket. After some searching around we finally find one in Nin. We  arrive a bit later as planned at the Zaton Holday Resort. After having been camping almost alone for the last few weeks most of the time this is a shock. The site is massive. We first pass by the security post before we come to a big reception building. We check-in and get a map of the site. Despite this we get lost somehow because of the sheer size of this thing. While not full at this time of the year there are quite a lot of campers here already. With some exceptions they are all Germans because of the spring holidays. As we finally find our spot next to Michael's parents we first need a schnaps. This is not quite what we expected. But hey, we are here for our family so we will cope with this super unfriendly staff and not very compelling camping site.


Once we get over the first shock we enjoy being here together with the family. Joiya, Michael's niece, was waiting for us anxiously. She takes us around the site to show us where they stay and how to get there.

The next day it is the birthday of Kathrin. We all come together for a joint breakfast. The parents in law of Kathrin are here as well and join in, too. A big family all together in one place in Croatia. That was the plan and it feels great. Especially spending more time with Joiya and her little brother Noel is very rewarding.


Today is also beach time and together we walk to a near by sandy beach that is ideal for the kids. In the evening Kathrin is ordering Pizza for us and we exchange recipes of how make the best Cuba Libre in town until late at night. We also find out that Prosek with lemon and ice tastes fantastic. The grand parents have agreed to care care of the kids the next day. Together with Kathrin and Henning we go cycling along the coast. Nice to have some time with them as well while being here. We come across a few very nice but small camping sites and really wonder why most of the tourists are on this huge one with no flair. One of them Michael's parents select for their last week in Croatia as they don't want to stay on this huge camping site either. We completely loose track of time and when we get back it is much later as anticipated. The kids have been hungry and the grand parents have prepared dinner already. We just need to sit down and join in. With a good bottle of wine we finish the day with Michael's parents.

Good that we went to bed earlier as the night before. We have to get up early as we want to buy fresh fish in Nin. That's what we where told and so we try it out. As we get there they do have fresh fish but only very small ones. Their catch was not very good during the night. With no fish we decide to buy again some of the good meat we had on our first day. The butcher is just round the corner and happy to see Michael's parents again. That means good business.


It is our last day before we will hit the road again tomorrow. During the day we play with the kids, do a bit of jogging and decide that everybody should contribute a piece for dinner tonight. We volunteer to cook a risotto with asparagus for starter, there is the meat we bought in the morning and Karin is making strawberries with whipping cream as a desert. There are many ways to make whipping cream but using one of our bottles we use during cycling is a new one. Just fill in the whipping cream and shake and shake and shake ... at some point it gets stiff. It really works, try it out! After dinner we go up to Kathrin and Henning's apartment and play a few games before going to bed.


The next day we move on as it is our last week and we want to see a couple of more things while being here. As we where shocked coming to this camp site checking out is another shock. The 64 Euro we paid as a reservation fee is non refundable. That is more than we paid for the four nights of camping. Ridicules ... First and last time we have been on this site for sure. Anyway, we had a few fantastic days with the family. A lot of quality time with the kids and time for a few good drinks. This concept is quite good and we should repeat it soon.



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