Wedding of Diane and Andre

The main reason why we came to Ireland is the invitation to the Irish/South African wedding of our friends Diane and Andre. Diane being Irish and Andre from South Africa. What a setup for a great wedding weekend at the Blackwater Castle in Castletownroche.


We arrive Friday afternoon and park our camper near to what used to be the staples. In the evening a small crowd of us go out the local Rockforest Pub. The landlord, also called Michael, organized a what they call a “session” specifically for the people coming to the wedding. Means in the tiny little pub we have up to 15 different musicians with different instruments playing together. No, this was not a band, just different people with different instruments coming together and playing. Then some of the other locals join in and sign. Quite honestly we where not prepared for this but it is such a great experience. Even the police man joins when the pub had to close officially. Party of course continues until early in the morning. Shame that we did not bring our camera and therefore we don't have any pictures from that lovely evening.

While the weather was not great when we arrived it is pouring with rain as we get up the next day does not change much through the day. We still don’t know how Diane made it into church without getting wet ... but she made it.


After the wedding ceremony it is sort of mandatory that you go back to the pub. Michael, the landlord, was already waiting for us with a pint of Guinness. He also tells us that the previous night was really special, even for him. Typically he does not get that many musicians together. After our first couple of pints the party continued back at the castle. Some did not see their bed that night, others for sure had to buy new shoes and suits. In a nutshell, it was again a great party.


When we get up around midday on the Sunday we have blue skies, no rain and a very authentic South African braai (BBQ). Another great day with lots of drinks, good food and time for having conversations with all the people.


Clearly one of the wedding we will remember for a long time! :-)

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