Twyfelfontein - Going South Again

After the fantastic experience we had going up and around the Epupa Falls together with Alan and his family we decide to travel together for the next few days. On our way south we want to stop by the rock engravings and the petrified forest around Twyfelfontain. Our next stop however, is Sesfontein. Here we find the Ongongo Community Camp located at the Warmquelle. When we arrive we are disappointed because we only see rocks and nothing else. We keep going and suddenly we are in the middle of paradise. A small valley with a pond at the end is welcoming us. Great place to stay and wash off the dust.


The next morning - after another jump into the pond - we hit the road to visit the petrified forest and the rock engravings close to Twyfelfontein. While it's amazing to see those old stones it's not that fascinating for us for some reason. At least we don't spend too much time here after all.


The following night we find another fantastic camp site. We follow a sign to the Mowani Mountain Camp as there is not much else around here. Yes, we are again close to civilization. The camp it amazing but beyond our budget. However, they also have three camping lots a bit outside the Camp. They are as fantastic as the camp. Very basic but really thought through.


This evening Alan and Jenny invite us for dinner. However, it is a requirement for Michael to show up with a bow tie and Karin in a skirt. We improvise and manage to get it done. We really enjoy the company of the two as well as their kids.

The next day we split up as Alan needs to get some money in the next bigger town but we plan to meet up in the evening again in Henties Bay. We take the transit route through the Skeleton Cost Park towards the coast and then down to Henties Bay.


As we get closer to the coast we get into the fog and the temperature drops down significantly. At Cape Cross we make a stop by the seal colony. Boy those guys stink and the noise they make is incredible. It is the time when they give birth and to our surprise we see a lot of dead baby seals lying around. Not exactly what we expected.


In the evening we meet Alan and his family again at Buck's Camping which seems to be the only camp site here. Very different from what we had so far but at least everybody has its own bath and little kitchen.


This is our last evening with Alan, Jenny and the kids as they plan to stay here for a few more days. We decide to move on to Swakopmund the next morning. So we go out together one more time tonight. It was really great to have met those guys and enjoyed every minute with them. We exchange our contact details and will send all the pictures we've made once we are back home.


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