Parque Nacional Talampya

We are coming towards the end of our one month trip through Argentina. Before we drive back to Buenos Aires there are two things that Karin has on her list of things not to miss. One of them is Parque Nacional Talampya.


During this trip we drove much more compared to the previous ones. That’s why when we learn that there is an option of exploring the park with a mountain bike we go for it right away. We see almost all the same sections compared to the usual bus tour plus we do have our own guide and get a very different perspective. We really recommend doing this. If you have more time combine it with a hiking tour and you will have a fantastic experience. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time and might have to come back for this.


As we cycle through the main valley we are as much of an attraction to the tourist buses passing by as the whole nature and rock formations are for us. It is really hot again and while the more luxurious bus tours serve sparkling wine with a light snack we just have our warm bottle of still water. Hey, when you are in such a stunning part of the world that’s all you really need anyway.

In the main valley we stop by a botanical garden that is full of local plants. A small stream flowing through is providing the needed water. On the rock formations on each side of the valley you can see that from time to time much larger amounts of water are running through here. They clearly wash out the stones to caves and other amazing formations.


There are also signs of indigenous people who lived here a long time ago. The most visible ones are the rock paintings that we see. They are not as spectacular compared to the ones we saw at the ‘Cueva de las Manos’ but still it is amazing how they survived the elements thousands of years without any protection.


It was great to get our muscles moving on the bike after the long time driving around. After a great half day here we get back to our car and head around 80 km south to visit Parque Provincial Ischigualasto in the afternoon. Yep, a somewhat tight schedule that is taking its toll already on us. Next time we need to leave again more time on the various sights and do less driving. If only the distances wouldn’t be so huge here ... ;-)

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