Last year in October 2015 we made an attempt already to explore the isle of Pag. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that it was impossible. Strong winds and heavy rain prevented us from seeing a lot. This time it is different. Blue skies and very little wind and the island looks very different. Although we don't have time to really stay for a bit longer we cross it from south to north.


The night before we stay on one of our favorite camp sites, Odmore, just before the bridge takes you onto Pag. It's a fairly new but very small site with only 9 patches for campers directly located at the sea. Here we stay for one night as contrast from the last few days on this huge site in Zaton.

Before we explore the island we go swimming one last time in the sea and afterwards - because we can - in the swimming pool. After a full sanitary service including hair washing we start our tour across Pag. The island has two different faces. One with its sparse and naked white rocks and the other lush and green. From here the famous cheese comes from.


As we pass by the cheese dairy Gligora in Kolan we fill up our fridge with different type of cheese. They also offer guided tours but unfortunately we don't have enough time as we need to catch the ferry back to the main land. As there are various camp sites we really need to plan to come back. This is also a good place for cycling as long as there is no wind.

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