We arrived in Olbia about three weeks ago and now it's time to board the ferry back to the main land from here again. Using the SS 131 we take the fastest although not most direct way. Nothing spectacular but we just need to get up north in time for our ferry. About 45 km south of Olbia Karin wants to make a stop at the east coast. A part we have not yet seen. The car park is empty and so is the entire beach. Might have to do with the very strong winds. This is what we have seen all along, strong winds from the east. Although the beach itself is great there is no point trying to get into the water for a last swim. Too cold, too windy ...

In Olbia we have to go to the Moby office at the port to get our tickets printed. Afterwards we stroll through the old part of town trying to find a place for dinner. Boarding is at 7:30 pm and we have a few hours until then. Due to sheer luck we find a fantastic place. Off the main touristic areas we walk by "Anticas Licanzias"  in the Via Tigellio N. 12. They are not yet open for dinner but we can get a starter and the main course will come a bit later. The food they have combined with local wine from Sardinia is fantastic. Best is they even sell most of what they serve. Packed with a few bottles of red and white wine and Pane carasau, the typical bread, we walk back to our Bulli. Great end to a fantastic vacation.


As we approach the ferry it is already time to board and we don't have to wait and can role onto the ship almost immediately. A quick shower, a cold beer on deck and off we are to Livorno. We arrive the next morning and around 7 am role off the ferry. From here we drive all the way back to Vienna via Pisa, Florenz, Bologna and Venice in Italy followed by Villach, Klagenfurt and Graz in Austria. Long way but not much traffic means we arrive early evening in time for a dinner at our favourite italian restaurant around the corner. This was the first but certainly not the last time on Sardinia.

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