Mikumi National Park

On a Saturday morning we are leaving the region around Iringa again towards the east on the main road (one of the few tar roads) between Ruaha NP and Dar es Salaam. This road automatically takes you through the Mikumi NP. After a three hour event less drive we reach the gate. Here we are camping again and they send us to camp 3. Quite a very nice location with a few large trees providing enough shade, a fire place including fire wood, a long drop toilette and to our surprise even a shower. This is the first time now for Manuel and Caro to really camp "in the wild" and they are definitely nervous. Camping in bandas is one thing but just in tend without any fences ... ;-)

The park is really big but the marked game drives are limited to a smaller area and the animals might have been hiding themselves from us. Or perhaps we were just spoiled having just been to Ruaha NP. On the few game drives we do here we see a few animals but it is not comparable to the experience we had in Ruaha. Our piece of advise is that if you want to do both stop here first before you go to Ruaha.


Another piece of advise. If you don't have any cold drinks with you check out the guys around the head quarter. We luckily could buy some really cold beer that went very well with the beautiful sunsets here.

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