We never heard of Lastovo before this trip but as we are so close by we have to see what the smallest inhabited island of Croatia looks like. From Vela Luka on Korcula we take a ferry to Ubli. This takes only one hour. Yesterday we called the only available camp site on this small island to see if they are open. They are and we can even book a dinner as we are arriving late and don't want to start cooking ourselves. The Camp Skriveni is a family run site with super friendly people. As we arrive the family is having dinner and they give us a warm welcome. We are the only ones on the camp site at this time of the year and a table is already prepared. A good meal, a great place to camp with super friendly people. That's a good start.

The morning the sun comes out and we have breakfast that we share with some geese and a duck that join us. Ready for the day we get on our bikes and start exploring the island. Close by is a little village with a light house. From there we cycle towards the inner parts of the island. Up a steep gravel road we hit the highest peak of the island. That was not our plan but just happened somehow. It is a small island after all and the view from up here is great. The gravel road was really bad to cycle and on the top we discover a tar road. That however, goes down to the other end of the island. OK, it's only an additional 16 km so we rather take that than going back this gravel road. With this afternoon trip we have covered around 80% of the available roads and more than half of the island. That means we deserve a beer. Unfortunately all the places are closed so we take one back at the camp site and have Raclette for dinner. The next day we spend a few hours on the close by beach although it is too fresh for swimming. Mainly because of the wind. In the early afternoon we pack all our stuff together because very early the next morning we plan to use another ferry to the next island.


Our battery is very low as there was no power supply on the camp and we need to drive a bit to recharge it. So we decide to explore some other parts of the island. We drive up to the Heliodrom, located close to the highest peak where we have been with the bikes yesterday. From here we drive down again to Prasadur, one of the holiday areas during summer. In the city of Lastovo we do a small walk up to the castle before we go for dinner in the harbor of Skrivena Luka. Here the sailing ships stop for the night and there is a restaurant that is open. The location is great but the food rather average. Despite it is off season there are quite a few sailing boats stopping for the night. Mainly Germans and a couple of groups from UK. After dinner we drive back to Ubli and park directly next to the ferry. Here we camp for the night as our ferry leaves at 5:30 am the next day.


Although a small island Lastovo feels great. It is in fact an assembly of 46 islands and we only have been on the main one. With a boat there is much more to do and there are great beaches and many things to explore. Maybe next time.

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