La Maddalena

Today is Karin's birthday and she decided to have a cycling tour to La Maddalena, a small island at the north eastern end of Sardinia. After a good breakfast we cycle from the campsite to Palau where we take the car ferry to La Maddalena. It's only a 20 minute trip. On the island we leave the small town towards the west on the only road there is. All roads are in good condition. Apart from a couple of cars there is no traffic whatsoever. Makes it a really nice tour. The island is not big and so we don't make too many kilometers. However, as it is a bit hilly we also have a very nice view across the island and the beautiful beaches.

One of the most beautiful beaches is Cala Spalmatore. Here we make a short stop and enjoy the sunny and warm day with very little wind. Now we head back into the little town of La Maddalena. The old town is quite beautiful with narrow streets and some historical building such as the old church. As it is almost 3 pm we head back to he marina to find a restaurant. They close at 3 pm and we are lucky to be there a few minutes before in order to get served.


As it is Karin's birthday we go for a mixed fish/seafood antipasti to start followed by tagliatelle with sepia and ravioli with ricotta from Sardinia for the main course. Along with the meal we have a very nice bottle of local white wine. What a treat. The restaurant is called Ristorante Perla Blu with a nice view across the marina. We can really recommend it. Karin is happy and with a full stomach we cycle back to the campsite. What a great day.

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