Our life on wheels is coming to an end after one month on the road. In three days we have to be in Cape Town and return this car that has become our home. We have time for one more spot to explore on this trip. As we are already a bit tired of driving a lot we decide to stay for a couple of days in the Lüderitz area.


We find a great camp site called Shark Island located close the the harbor. Here we will stay for the next couple of days and use the time wash our clothes, go out for a nice dinner and do some walks along the coast.


Lüderitz, as the name suggests, is also very German. We make a stop at the old German style church and even meet the priest. He is of German decent and still speaks German. For us this German is very old style.

One of the things not to miss when in this area is a visit to Kolmanskop. This - again German built - ghost town was once the home to the mining workers and their families looking for diamonds. It was abandoned after the second world war as less and less diamonds were found here. Today nature and the sand are claiming back the land. To visit it you need to buy a permit in Lüderitz.

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