Knowht + Newgrange

On our way to Dublin we also stop by Knowth and it’s around eighteen smaller or satellite mounds as well as Newgrange. They are all over 5000 years old. This means they were built around the same time as the pyramids in Egypt. The only difference is that Egypt was a high culture were as the people in Ireland had been simple farmers. As with the pyramids it is unknown how they could build these mounds with the available techniques known at the time. Things like the wheel had not been invented but still they were able to transport material from across Ireland, including marble from the Wicklow Mountains, to these places and up the steep hills.

Newgrange is over 75 meter in diameter, weighs 200,000 tons and they estimate that it took more than forty years to build. With an average expectancy of life of not even 26 years it took them several generations to complete the work. To this date it is unknown what the ultimate purpose of these mounds have been. Lot’s of speculation is going on though.

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