Our next stop is in Kilkenny and the close by ruins of Kells Priory. For those who like beer, you certainly know Kilkenny as it is one of the more famous beers that you can get in the Irish Pubs across Europe. Funnily enough we didn’t get it anywhere outside of Kilkenny as most pubs are dominated by ... yes, Guinness.


We stay with our camper van at the Tree Grove Caravan & Camping Park a few minutes outside of Kilkenny. It’s close enough though to walk into town, which we do a few times. One of the attractions apart from the Irish beer is the Kilkenny Castle. Some parts date back to the 13th century. There are more buildings that are that old including the St. Canice’s Cathredral and the Round Tower. It’s really a very niche little city with colorful houses and very good pubs with good live music.

As we continue we make a stop by the ruins of Kells Priory. They date back to the 14 / 15 century and the site is massive. However, apart from a few workers who are restoring several elements, we are the only visitors. Oh yes, and the sheep who is gracing on the green grass surrounding the ruins.

Our next stop before we make our way to the wedding is Rock of Cashel. It is really a big rock in the landscape and on top you find the different buildings dating back to the 12th century. This is not so visible in the pictures. The first settlement even dates back to the 4th century. Quite an impressive and very old site.

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