Gamsberg Route

It's time do stretch our legs a little bit after all this driving around. Our first stop today is the Kuiseb-Canyon. We walk up to the Henno Martin Shelter. He was a German professor who came to Namibia to explore the desert around the Kuiseb-Canyon.


When the second world war started he decided to hide away in the desert  together with his friend Hermann Korn because as a foreigner he was in danger to get arrested. They survived for more then 2.5 years out here. Quite amazing in our eyes.

From here we continue our journey towards the Gamsberg Pass. As it turns out it is quite steep but with our car it is not an issue. After getting up to the summit it does not go down immediately. Instead we reach a high plateau on which we stay for quite a while. On the other end of the plateau we use the Spreetshoogte Pass to get down to the lowlands again. The slope here has 22%. Not bad and luckily we only go down here.


As we still have a bit of time we make a stop by the Sesriem-Canyon before we make our way to Sesriem, our stop for the night. The canyon is not that huge but down there it is extremely hot. Luckily we have some water with us. You really need it here.

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