Dublin - our start and end point

We picked up our camper van in Dublin and started the trip from here three weeks ago. We are now coming back to Dublin for our last weekend of this trip. Lot's of things to see around here including the legendary Temple Bar. Had a good time there although it’s typically very crowded with tourists. We also spend some time in the not so touristic pubs as they are more authentic and it is easier to get to know the people. At one such occasion we get a very good recommendation for a whiskey: The Redbreast. Try it out!

While booking a place to stay for this last weekend Michael was surprised why everything is so expensive and only few places have rooms available. Turns out U2 is in town to give one of their popular concerts in the famous Croke Park Stadium. As it was cheaper to get a hotel including the tickets for U2 this is what we did. It was one of three concerts that weekend and each single one was sold out with 80.000 people each time. What an amazing experience to listen to them at their home ground and hear the Irish sing all the famous songs. Quite a unique experience we have to admit and a fantastic end to a great vacation.

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