Ciudad Bolivar

Ciudad Bolivar has been named after the famous Simon Bolivar who played a crucial role leading Venezuela into its independence. Plaza Bolivar is something you find in each and every village and city in Venezuela. These are the main squares named after him.


This was our first stop after having spent a night in a hotel close the Caracas airport. Ciudad Bolivar is also our hub for doing many things in the eastern part of Venezuela. From Caracas we took a flight to Ciudad Bolivar which prooved to be our first of many interesting experiences in this country and check point of how good our - or I should say Karin’s - Spanish really is. Despite the fact we had booked the ticket a few weeks in advance, we didn’t have a reservation when we showed up at the terminal. Long story ... but we managed to get on the flight in the end.


The city and the buildings in Ciudad Bolivar are dominated by their colonial style. The most notable once you can find around the Plaza Bolivar. There you can find also quite a few places to stay.

One night we stay in the Posada Amor Patrio run by a very interesting German guy who lives in Venezuela for more than 20 years. We actually met Gert down in Santa Elena in another Posada run by a German. We got talking to him over a few beers and quite enjoyed his stories from his adventures life.


The other nights we spent in Posada La Casita run by Peter - another German. Whenever you need some help, Peter is good connected and can advise, book other trips or just help out in getting things done, which can be a challenge in Venezuela. As you can see, a lot of the people who run the few touristic companies are actually either from Germany or Switzerland. Assures that things are at least somewhat organized ... ;-)


Ciudad Bolivar makes an excellent hub to a lot of the great activities in this region. From here it is very easy to get to Canaima which holds the Angel Falls, Gran Sabana and for doing the trip to Mount Roraima as well as trips to the Orinoco Delta. Of course, everything can be arrange once you get there if you are a bit flexible.

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