Caprivi Strip

After a couple of great days at the Victoria Falls and the rafting trip we make our way back into Namibia. Border crossing is pretty easy and fast. We are now traveling through the so called caprivi strip which is this narrow but long piece of land between the northern borders of Botswana and the southern borders of Zambia.


One of the places to visit here is the Mamili National Park. The only way to get there is to pass through a couple of rivers as there are no bridges. Thanks to our 4x4 camper we have no issues although the water is actually deeper than what we thought. †his brings us to the Shisinze park office where we need to get the entry permit. The office is sleeping at his desk which is a good sign that not too many tourists pass by here. In fact we don't meet anybody else while we are here.


The little map that we get turns out to be pretty much useless. We can't find any of the routes or camp sites that are marked there. Still we see quite a few animals and just camp somewhere with signs of a previous settlement. We are completely on our own out here and watch a stunning sun set. During the rainy season many of the segments can't be accessed because they are flooded. This time the rain is later and we can get around very easily.

After an early morning game drive where we don't see much we decide to leave again. Shortly after we leave the park we get stopped by a few locals. They want to show us their brand new museum they just opened. We can smell the fresh paint indeed in the small house. They show the history of the missionary who have lived in this region and their march from South Africa. The intent is to bring school classes to this museum and to educate them about the history of their homeland. They ask us to send them more information about the origins of the caprivi strip which we agree to and send them sum information once we are home again. Helping children to get a better education is always important!


But now it is time that we learn more about the way the people live here. For this we make a stop at the Lizauli Traditional Village. Here we learn more about the traditional way of life. Locals provide more information and give use demonstrations about certain aspects of life.


Our next stop and place to visit is the Mahango Game Reserve. For this we choose the Ngepi Camp which really feels like paradise. Located at the upper reaches of the Okavango delta it also has a cage in the river where you can swim without having to worry about crocodiles or hippos.


Early start and we are visitor number two this morning at 6:30 am at the gate. We drive around for three hours and are very lucky to see a diverse set of animals. The eastern part of the park is located at the Okavango river and has a beautiful stream landscape. The western part is a bit more hilly and covered with wood. A really beautiful park and definitely worth a visit. Around 10 am we are back at the camp and a full English breakfast is waiting for us. A great way to start into a new day.


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